Architectural service to serve variety requirements of clients.

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Provide variety choices to fit clients’ specific demands of construction.

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Provide architectural solutions, decoration, perfect the construction.

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Construction Service

According to you, what contributes to the building quality? A plan-to-detail blueprint? Modern equipment? Or luxury materials? All is true but to THIET THACH, human is the deciding factor to the quality of a construction work. A blueprint, no matter how detaling it is, can’t become real on its own without creativity and research of architects, Tools, no matter how modern they are, can’t replace the skilled and clever hands of builder. Materials, no matter how luxury it is, would be foreign if used inappropriately

According to above, besides from training good building team, THIET THACH also invests on developing and using professional staff like experienced architects and engineers, usually updated knowledge and practiced ethics, responsibilities and trust to the company. From there on, every individual has to practice and be creative to be more self-confident, and to contribute to the making of a construction brand.

Starting from small but good building, we consistently carry out our planned target with the solid determination of a united community. Today, THIET THACH carve out our own images in the customers’ mind by big and ideal projects and buildings. The name THIET THACH says for us our guarantee for the Customer – a solid quality.

Summary of our construction process:

  •  - Discuss about the schedule, materials, payment conditions, and the relating informations;
  •  - Send construction bill, contract samples, contract appendices…
  •  - Set out the construction date, and the concerning sides responsibilities…
  •  - Sign contract
  •  - Start construction.
  •  - Complete construction and end the contract.
  •  - Warranty.

Customers in need of more information can surf our website or contact our Department of Customer Service to be directly consulted.