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Chính Sách Chất Lượng :: THIET THACH GROUP

THIET THACH Group: Quality Policy

THIET THACH Group is active in Design consultancy, Civil construction and Industrial construction.

The consistent policy of THIET THACH Group is to provide the Customers the best construction products and services that stick to the budget of the Owner. This policy of THIET THACH Group has been established since the day it was found.

THIET THACH Group understands that when deciding to invest, Owners always expect a building that is durable, solid, completely safe, and favorable to live or do business, highly aesthetic, completed in due time, reasonably priced and fully guaranteed.

THIET THACH Group commits ourselves to serve these legitimate demands of Owners based on:

- THIET THACH’s selection of trained engineers, architects, supervisors and foreman who are experts in the field and are committed to the company’s quality policy. THIET THACH always has policies encouraging them to contribute to the company.

- THIET THACH’s rich experience and resources for handling complicated technical constructing methods

- Strict control of material supplies that has obvious originality and of high quality, contributing to the quality of constructions.

- Construction Quality Management System which plays a vital role  in product quality and is run by a combination of systems controlling materials, techniques, rate of progress, labour safety, sanity and precautionary measures. This system is always overseen and continuously improved.

Our ultimate Quality policy aims at providing our Customer the best product and the best service.