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Separating in a sky corner but still balanced with the general architecture of Nakyco residential area

Going together with the strong position of a growing economic potential, Tan Phu District have had more and more new residential areas which are invested in large-scale on both performance and aesthetics.

The luxurious white tone blended with the exquisite interior of a town house

Together with the luxurious and sophisticated features, the decisive white tone blended with the exquisite interior made the town house construction of the Investor Nguyen Thi Thuy Nguyen to attract the eyes of any person in her living area.

PhuocKien semi-classical Villa with transitional beauty

Located in a new urban area bordering between Nha Be District and District 7, the villa of Investor Nguyen ThiNhi Ha is a corner villa with 2 clear fronts. The whole construction contains the classical black iron curves standing out against a modern white background.

Unique features of a town villa with strong personality architecture

Located in the suburb of Ho Chi Minh City, the town villa construction of Investor Nguyen Quoc Cuong is truly a special highlight of this residential area. On a rather square shape premises, this construction is designed with 1 living room, 1 kitchen and dining room, 4 bed rooms, 1 common room, also 1 working room & 1 worship room as requested by the owner. Besides, the terrace and front yard are also designed and considered carefully.

A town villa with deep color tone creating the luxurious, modern and sophisticated beauty

The grounds of this Investor is located in a nice place, in front of a large highway with a broad vision and space. Therefore, Architects of THIET THACH Group had to focus more on the appearance of the house front. With the width of the house front of 7m and the depth of 19.5m, this is an ideal ground for designing a unique town villa.