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Khen Thưởng Nhân Viên Xuất Sắc 3 Tháng Đầu Năm 2018

Praising and rewarding Excellent employee - 1st quarter 2018

Compared to more than 12 years of THIET THACH Group’s establish and development  is hundreds of employees building a sustainable company with us. We always respect them. They are not only employees in company, they are also friendly and close colleagues. Even thought they are workers always working under the sun at construction site, still laugh when they meet us ... And in this respectful staffs, we were honored to welcome the most outstanding people in work of January - February and March 2018. They do not really do big work or have high positions in company. They are just simple, hardworking people and love their daily work at THIET THACH Group

Ms ĐINH THÚY VY – Excellent Employee in January – February

As the Administrative Officer of CAT NGHI Interior - a brand of THIET THACH Group, perhaps people often think that administrative work is so simple and nothing important. But sometimes this job is extremely stressful when you have to fulfill paperwork, promote timely policies to personnel and everything must be completed quickly. This little girl has been smiling to customers all the time, always been a gentle bridge between department and branch. Be a slim and tall girl, she has proved to THIET THACH Group that “What you did is not important, it is important that you did with what attitude”

Mr NGUYEN THIEN BINH – Excellent Chief of construction group in January – February

THIET THACH Go Vap branch has been in operation nearly 1 year. Time is not quite long but THIET THACH Go Vap has achieved considerable success. Besides the effective work of THIET THACH staff in Go Vap can not forget the excellent effort of Nguyen Thien Binh. As a Chief of construction group with quality construction, received positive reviews from the owner many time, he was an outstanding professional captain with extensive practical experience and gentle manners. Middle-aged man was small and quiet. He laughed when he was rewarded, just as he had conversation with workers at the construction site in a friendly and warm manner.

Mr LÊ ANH QUÝ – Excellent employee in March

Witty, dynamic and responsible are what we usually see in Le Anh Quy. Young and energetic with work. Being a member of the THIET THACH Group's Labor Safety Department, our young team always understands that working seriously, checking  safety of works is not only a task but also preserving life for many people, contributing to protect families always be warm and peace. Must see fresh smile and the hand wiped off sweat drops after a long day running all around constructions that you can see his devotion in work of this young man. He is always careful at work, aggressive in the internal activities when he transformes into a variety of characters in art competition. THIET THACH Group is proud to have you in my team.


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