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THIET THACH Group Tổ Chức Đào Tạo Chứng Chỉ An Toàn Lao Động

THIET THACH Group organized Labor Safety Training Course

With the determination to reduce labor accidents in THIET THACH Group to zero from 2018 onwards, THIET THACH Group Labor Safety Department has cooperated with Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs - Safety Inspection  HCMC Joint Stock Company held training labor safety sessions at TMT Homemart on the afternoon of April 13th ago. After many previous study sessions, this was the first concentrate study day for employees belonging to construction part and set the starting point for long-term safety training sessions forthcoming.

Two clear objectives for the training session were to minimize occupational accidents and raise awareness on safety and hygiene in labor, Master Nguyen Thi Thanh from Safety Inspection HCMC Joint Stock Company shared practical implications for specific cases in the labor sector, particularly in the civil engineering sector. Not only the true images of the victims, the scenes, the vigilant warning clips and the updating of the new provisions in Labor Code were applied in July 2016.

Beside training, THIET THACH Group construction employees, including Engineers, Construction Supervisors, Construction Management Teams, also had a mini-test to review their learning and they checked themselves their old knowledge. Through this training, we hope this extremely urgent information came to the people who really need, the images were kind of obsessed but that was a powerful impact to the construction workers in particular,  participants in general that understood the importance of labor safety.

With THIET THACH Group, each employee is not only a precious manpower of the company but also a pillar of the family, a father who carries a lot of burden. Therefore, ensuring safety in the workplace not only protects  people but also carries a great meaning for every family home, especially for construction industries. After this training, THIET THACH Group will continue to disseminate new training content to all personnel, especially workers and construction workers directly at the construction site. Ensuring that all personnel of THIET THACH Group are working in a safe and stable environment.


Thành lập và hoạt động theo giấy Chứng nhận đăng ký kinh doanh số 0310538214 do Sở Kế hoạch & Đầu tư Tp. HCM cấp vào ngày 24/12/2010, đăng ký thay đổi lần thứ 5 ngày 15 tháng 09 năm 2017.


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