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THIET THACH Group Tổ Chức Workshop Chia Sẻ Kinh Nghiệm Dành Cho Người Lần Đầu Xây Nhà

THIET THACH Group organized “Sharing experience for people building house for the first time”

Looking forward to a year of caring customer with better practical and advanced services, THIET THACH Group organized a “Sharing experience for people building house for the first time” workshop at En Banquet & Event Space, Dien Bien Phu, District 3 On Sunday - March 25th 2018. Following the success of the previous workshops in 2017, this workshop “Sharing experience for people building house for the first time”  brought nearly 100 participants. It was experience sharing activity that THIET THACH Group wanted to send all customers who are in need of building a house in Ho Chi Minh City in order to launch a new year with the desired and perfect house.

We greeted first guests very early with warmest atmosphere and friendly staffs. Older people with white hair had many concern, middle-aged women with lots of worries for big projects, or even future young Owners are even more anxious ... Everyone met at workshop together.

Architect Tran Tuan Long - General Director started  workshop with familiar questions must have been heard quite many times: "Preparing to build a house, what is the first thing to prepare?" - "money", "costs ","incurred cost plan "... The response from the auditorium gathered together in a common point. Gentle warm-up, with an Overview of Building House Steps” hoped that Mr. Tran Tuan Long would answer and helped customers visualize and recognize what was the first preparation in building house.

If Engineer Nguyen Huy - Deputy General Director dived into common problems encountered when choosing a unit of construction with the lively presentation in calculating construction area, thus estimating construction cost of civil work,  finishing work, sharing experience on cost adjustment and reasonable price. Then the presentation of Engineer Le Dang Khac - Director THIET THACH Binh Thanh focused on the Organizational construction Process, specific and intuitive example, easy to apply and effective quickly.

Nguyen Huy - Deputy General Director presents “Common problems encountered when choosing a unit of construction”

Engineer Le Dang Khac - Director THIET THACH Binh Thanh presents “Organizational construction Process”

Last but not least, the discussion session. In the form of face-to-face conversations, many customers frankly expressed their concerns, specific cases and their own questions. In a friendly way, THIET THACH Group tried their best to answer the most difficult questions. Reschedule customers who were still not responded  in the future by contacting THIET THACH Group.

Closing a successful workshop with 90% of satisfied customers, 80% customers stayed at  the end of the program, we recognized the need to answer our customers information was infinite . We hope that through this workshop, every customer could control their own quality of construction from the first stage so that they can work with their construction unit to heading a perfect house. The Organizing Committee would like to express our sincere thanks to the speakers and customers who spent some precious time in this workshop.


Thành lập và hoạt động theo giấy Chứng nhận đăng ký kinh doanh số 0310538214 do Sở Kế hoạch & Đầu tư Tp. HCM cấp vào ngày 24/12/2010, đăng ký thay đổi lần thứ 5 ngày 15 tháng 09 năm 2017.


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