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THIET THACH Group Đào Tạo Văn Hóa Doanh Nghiệp Tháng 3/2018


Along with the increase of branches throughout districts in Ho Chi Minh City, the number of THIET THACH Group's employees is also growing. Identifying corporate culture as a key issue for a sustainable business, THIET THACH Group held a Corporate Culture Training Course for staffs on March 16th at TMT Home Mart. This is one of the annual training activities that THIET THACH Group have been focused on building and developing for many years.

With the old procedure, corporate culture training is usually for new employees of THIET THACH Group. But during the special training session, all THIET THACH Group staffs working from January, February or even those who have worked for 3 years, 4 years and more ... they all sat down, listened and shared in a friendly atmosphere as a family.

Tran Tuan Long - CEO was in charge of training. He shared the history and development of THIET THACH Group, 8 core values of the company, the code of conduct for co-workers – customers and specially the 2018 Emotional Orientation. For example, intuitive and lively, the exchange of information frankly, concise and close guidance makes a lot of fun, laughter  leaving in each participant many practical meaning.

Employees are the core, the foundation for a sustainable business. When every employee in business understands the value that he or she is creating, towarding a future development together that is the success of a firm with strong growth potential. THIET THACH Group in general and THIET THACH Group's management in particular always understand that, creating the environment and spirit for each staff to develop in order to create a corporate culture of those who are always enthusiastic and successful.