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THIET THACH Group Tôn Vinh Nét Đẹp Công Sở Ngày 8/3

THIET THACH Group honored office beauty – International Woman’s Day 8/3

International Women's Day March 8th, the day of the beautiful women returned . On the afternoon, many beautiful woman dressed in lovely clothes for the party with THIET THACH Group family with the theme “Honoring office Beauty” and lots of unique entertainment  programs "home garden".

Unlike every other year, this year's introduction came from top men of THIET THACH Group, Tran Tuan Long - General Director and Nguyen Ba Quyen - Deputy General Director. They song duet “Got Hong” of Bao Phuc musician in the illusion of the auditorium, brought a lot of surprises to the collective staffs.

Continuing the program, Board of Directors’s members, Management Board handed over our woman small beautiful, solemn and meaningful gifts.

Expecting more than the performance art from 9 branches in the system of THIET THACH Group. This was the first contest of THIET THACH DISTRICT 10, bringing light smiles with meaningful performance "District 10 in your eyes", promising many special items up next.

Many guys from THIET THACH District 8 following next, muscular but lovely in a beautiful black and white uniform. It was CAT NGHI Interior's item, 3 guys which brought audiences back to the fashion in 1970s with the "unique" style of music and the graceful acting. THIET THACH Binh Thanh with 4 cute guys, a big bow hairp on short hair still left many impressed. Or it was TMT Home Mart with rich incarnations, dedicated to the arts.

The best and second and third prize winners were THIEN THACH Thu Duc, THIET THACH Go Vap and THIET THACH Tan Binh. If THIET THACH Tan Binh rolled people into silent performance of amateur actors, THIET THACH Go Vap showed the serious training of the whole team from costumes, props to both music and acting

Although THIET THACH Thu Duc is youngest brother at the present, the number of staffs are not too rich and there is only one girl at the branch, all men of THIEN THACH Thu Duc carried a part that was beyond imagination and meaningful, to excellently win the  March 8th competition this year.

As a woman, we feel really lucky. Next to the men of the family who have always loved us unconditionally like husbands, lovers ... We also have men in workplace who always respect and care for us as flowers during 365 days. Maybe you guys are taciturn, maybe you are dusty with construction, but after all, we - women of THIET THACH Group thank you for sacrificing so much, acting many roles with the hope of bringing joy to us on March 8th. Thanks a lot.

THIET THACH Thu Duc received the first prize

THIET THACH Go Vap received second prize


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