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Opening ceremony of the 5th Opening Thiet Thach Group Football Cup - 2017

On April 15th The Opening Thiet Thach Group Football Cup officially opened at artificial turf C30 mini mobifone, District 10, HCMC. This was the playing field for teams from THIET THACH GROUP and its partners.

The 5th Opening Thiet Thach Group Football Cup launched from April 15th to April 27th, gathering 11 teams from THIET THACH GROUP and Partners, including: THIET THACH, CATI, TMT HomeMart, HaFeLe, EuroWindow, WinBoss, AiKiBi, PHGLock, Huynh Dat, MoLuTion and Dong Luc Lighting.

The teams were divided into 4 boards. The top four teams would be in the semi-finals and finals to compete for the winner. Awards for the titles: championship, second prize, third prize, fourth prize, top scorer, best player, best goalkeeper, enthusiastic fan, style award.

Four warm-up matches took place on the evening of April 15, Cat Nghi – Dong Luc, TMT HomeMart - PHGLock, THIET THACH - HaFeLe, Huynh Dat - AiKiBi officially launched the exciting and dramatic competition, promising to create an exciting season and an interactive playground between teams.

In the warm-up series: Cat Nghi players started off well when they performed many continuous attacks on the opposing side. With the correlation forces, Dong Luc players also played on the same level when blocking many attacks. At the end of the match, the teams were in a 1-1 draw, each team got 1 point.

Another happening at the same time, PHGLock made a rain of goals against TMT HomeMart, taking the score 7 - 1, bringing PHPLock team 3 points in the first match.

In the match at 6 pm, Huynh Dat players beat AiKiBi 2-1.

At the same time, when THIET THACH team played with HaFeLe team, this match was quite exciting, thrilling. Opening the match was a series of goals of Dinh Quan, Pham Hoai Phuc Phuc when leading 2 - 0. However, with enthusiastic cheers from the supporters helped HaFeLe to balance the score 2-2 in the last minute of the first half. The atmosphere was hotter in the second half, causing HaFeLe to receive a red card. With the lack of teammates, HaFeLe’s goalkeeper made a spectacular attack and scored goal. However, HaFeLe was unable to block THIET THACH's attack, ending the match with 6 - 4 for THIET THACH.

Specific results of the opening day matches: Cat Nghi – Dong Luc 1 – 1, TMT HomeMart - PHGLock 1 - 7, THIET THACH - HaFeLe 6 - 4, Huynh Dat - AiKiBi 2 - 1.