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THIET THACH đào tạo huấn luyện an toàn vệ sinh lao động cho Khối Thi Công

THIET THACH training Occupational safety and health for construction brigade

Recently, THIET THACH Group has held training occupational safety, occupational safety and health, which had been built for:  management supervision of construction items, Sanitary at the project with the participation of Mr. Tran Tuan Long - General Director, Mr. Nguyen Ba Quyen - Deputy General Director and nearly 100 construction employees of the company. This is one of the annual training series activities in the company in order to update the knowledge on Occupational safety and Health.(OSH)

Employees of Thiet Thach Company were heard, found out as well as provided solutions for the situations of the following: serious and typical accidents in the past, the legislation system of OSH; Management of human resources; Management of machines, equipment and tools; Self - testing the OSH; Safe meeting; Leadership role in OSH activities; Risk identification and risk assessment; Emergency response plan. Thereby, this helps the management of the teams to perform well the OSH in their units; Fully equipped with facilities and equipment to ensure safety in labor; Organize the propaganda for worker to strictly abide by the measures on OSH in order to avoid occupational accidents occurring in the works, create conditions for the construction activities to be of high quality and high efficiency.

THIET THACH GROUP will continue to maintain and promote more, beyond good expertise, the staffs also understand the provisions of the law on OSH, including : protection regime, knowledge about OSH. ; Increased training for staff working on OSH; Support OSH training for employers and employees, instruct units and branches to develop, implement and self-check OSH; ensure full compliance with labor regulations, production procedures, safe working methods, adequate provision of personal protective equipment for laborers and inspection and supervision, have measures to strictly deal with collectives and individuals in violation.

After the training, the participants will do the test to receive a certificate of OSH training for future work.