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Khối Thi Công THIET THACH Group Họp Triển Khai Kế Hoạch 6 Tháng Đầu Năm 2017

THIET THACH Group Construction Execution Meeting to deploy First 6 Months Plan 2017

On 10th March , the meeting for the first quarter of 2017 of THIET THACH Group Construction Execution Meeting took place at the Home Mart TMT Supermarket. The meetings towarded common plan activities for Construction Execution in 2017 and also announced activities of related parts such as M&E, Safety, Supplies, Customer Services ...At the meeting, the presence of Tran Tuan Long - CEO THIET THACH Group, Nguyen Huy - Vice President of THIET THACH Group, Mr. Nguyen Ba Quyen - Vice President of THIET THACH Group and more than 50 Engineers and Construction Execution Management of THIET THACH Group increased more the importance of the meeting and the company's concern in bringing the perfect process from design to construction.

At the start of the meeting, Mr. Le Dang Khac - Construction Manager of THIET THACH Group announced the work plan of the construction Execution with the detailed plan of starting more than 60 Construction in the first quarter of 2017. With the proposed plan of the Management Board, 2017 would be a strong development year in the construction of THIET THACH Group. In addition, the meeting also disseminated the Safety Training Plan for the Construction Execution, including the Chief of construction group - foreman - Construction Engineer, and forwarded  the plan for periodic health check to officers and Construction Execution in March 2017.

Following is the introduction of construction materials supermarket - TMT Home Mart of Mr Nguyen Khuong Tin - Director of TMT Home Mart. It is a member of THIET THACH Group and also one of the fít materials supermarket in the city with new and unique types of business. With TMT Home Mart, purchasing construction materials has never been quick and easy.

At the end of the meeting, there was a lot of emotion for the staff having birthdays in February and March. It were secretly held by the company, Company wished everyone having a new age with brilliant success.

In order to ensure the quality of the closed process from design to conpletion, it is always important for the company to follow the operation and technical supervision of the parts. The Annual Construction Execution Meeting is one of THIET THACH Group's management processes so that the relevant departments have the opportunity to review the work process, evaluate it accurately. Thus always delivering quality constructions to the customer.