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Notice when Signing a Contract

1.      Preliminary Design Stage (Stage 1):
- Clients and architects will discuss about it, obtaining the information and working on the design including perspective plan and elevations on A4 page.
- Design time is lasted from 3 to 7 days depending on the building.
- Clients together with architect edit the design three times max to come to the last design and sign contracts.
- Customer provide for us your legal papers about the land or the house.
- Customer shouldn’t edit the design once approved to avoid the over budget.
2.      Signing Contract:
- After approving design, both sides will sign design contract in order to execute it. Customers please sign to confirm design document on which the initial confirmation is based on.
- Design contract is a sample designated by our company. Please don’t edit its content and please read carefully before signing.
3.      Files Executing (Stage 2):
-Design is executed in 10-20 days depending on work sizes.
-After executing, we will transfer it to you in A3-sized document (not signed) to be looked at and given feedback in 2-5 days.
-Design details is perfected and changed twice max, please look carefully and try to state all of your opinion in two times so that we don’t have to edit again and again. From the third time, we will charge 10% on the overall cost of the contract for each time editing (if not from our mistakes).
4.      Transfer (Stage 3):
-The documents after the last change will be printed in 2 copies in A3 size, sealed and signed, and given to the customers. Besides, one more copy with customer’s sign is kept at our records. Please check carefully before signing and sign to the transferring report to make the payment protocol.
-Please know that the size and shape in the design can be a little different in reality
5.      Payment:
- Design contract is paid in three stage, equivalent to three design stage, and is stated clearly in the contract.
- Please pay when transferring the documents, equivalent to every stage paid at the company or paid to the person in charge of transferring the documents.
- In case you want to have late payment (not over three days) since the transferring day, please sign to the transfer report and the report confirming payment date.
- In every completion transferring documents are one feedback letter. In order to serve you better, we very much appreciate your opinion to improve the service. Hope to receive your opinion. We will keep it secret.
6.      Design Supervising:
- During executing, designer will be in charge of design supervising and protecting copyrights at the site. Architect won’t be responsible if the investor or the owner do it wrong during executing, noting that the investor of the copyright of the design own 50% of it. We have every rights to promote the images in media and will hold a board at the site during executing.
- The supervision is executed not over 10 times. Every time occurs 1hr or when the investor need architect to give advices at the site or problem concerning architecture. Architects don’t do the executing supervision.


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