Architectural service to serve variety requirements of clients.

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Provide variety choices to fit clients’ specific demands of construction.

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Provide architectural solutions, decoration, perfect the construction.

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Architectural Design Documents

¬ Size: binded A3-sized.
¬ Quantity: customer are given 2 documents, and company will keep 1 document (customers will sign to saved document of the company to make sure that it is approved).

¤ Documents including – Common Pack

1. Architecture:

o Base floor plan and other floors plan, terrace or roof of the building.
o Main elevation, side elevation.
o Detailed section.
o Toilet plans.
o Stair, balcony plans.
o Room plans.
o Gate, door, window plans.
o Paved plans.
o Perspective plan.

2. Structure:

o Tile plans
o Column plans.
o Foundation plans.
o Foundation drawing.
o Mặt bằng cấu kiện các tầng, mái.
o Chi tiết cắt, dầm, sàn, mái.
o Stair drawing.
o Floor niche drawing.

3. Electricity:

o Electrical system blueprint.
o Floor electricity plans.
o Stair and decoration electricity plans.
o Alert system (if asked).

4. Water:

o Water system blueprint.
o Floor water plans.
o Toilet water plans.

5. Antenna, communication, internet:

o Floor communication plans.
o Floor antenna plans.
o Floor internet plans.
o Other system. (if have).